the chamber theatrical film
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Warning: Contains Spoilers


A special ops unit with a hidden agenda take command of a submersible vessel to locate a mysterious item at the bottom of the Yellow Sea.

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Based on the description of the film, The Chamber, I can honestly say I am utterly disappointed by this movie. First, let’s take a moment to review the brief synopsis. It sounds pretty damned interesting, right? Like there’s going to be something awesome at the bottom of the ocean and, judging by the title, they’re gonna end up inside it. And who knows, maybe there will be monsters… or not. None of that happens. The “chamber” is the submarine they’re in. And the mysterious item? Not so mysterious.

Because the film is set largely in one location–that is the submarine–the passage of time feels kinda lengthy. There’s nothing exciting going on and most of the action is stereotypical survival/trapped film stuff. You’ve got the poor sod that dies first, the one that loses his mind, the leader of the group who’s a real dick, and the unfortunate guy that got suckered into going against his will.

There’s nothing extraordinary about this film. I wouldn’t watch it again and I probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I do have to give it praise for having a strong, even if a major bitch, female presence, but that’s really about it.  There’s little action, lots of bellyaching, and the one that doesn’t deserve to live survives (I won’t tell you which one that is or why I feel that way, though.)

Rating: 💀