ruin me theatrical poster
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Six strangers sign up for a slasher movie re-enactment, in which they are dropped into the woods and pursued by knife wielding assassins. But when the body count becomes real, Alexandra must unravel the mystery of who is responsible if she wants to survive the ordeal. A SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE.

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When I selected Ruin Me on Shudder, I was expecting a campy, gory bloodbath. Why? Because the synopsis promises real deaths instead of the slasher movie re-enactment that the group of people signed up for. Unfortunately, there’s surprisingly little blood for a slasher film. There’s also another point of the movie that really disappointed me, but I won’t say what it is because that’d be a major spoiler–just know that the event I’m talking of, which you’ll know when you see it, seriously knocks off several skulls.

The characters are incredibly flat, with the most interesting one being Marina. Alex is kind of just there, and honestly I’m surprised she makes it as long as she does. I do feel Nathan was a bit of an asshole. Okay, a really big asshole. Other than that, there’s little to no traits worthy of even mentioning for the other characters.

The plot is basically just what I said earlier. It starts out slow, then speeds up and beyond that there isn’t anything to it. There’s nothing exciting, but there are a few random directions that it goes in that just seems a bit out there–such as introducing the character Jared.

Worse than that, the ending really blows it out of the ballpark with randomness. Overall this movie had a lot of potential, and would have been great if it was actually done as a slasher film. Too bad it doesn’t do that. It does have the obligatory boobs though.

Rating: 💀💀