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It’s Christmas Eve and like every year, the Harrington’s take a trip to their in-laws. Taking an unfamiliar shortcut, Mr. Harrington leads his family down a terror filled road with no end.

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There’s nothing quite like Christmas in July, so why not watch a movie set around the happiest time of the year? Oh wait… it’s August. Whoops, I better get my days straight! Anyway, I decided to watch Dead End and overall, I found it to be pretty boring.

Every year, the Harrington family goes to Laura’s parents’ house for their family Christmas dinner. For twenty years, they’ve taken the interstate. This year’s different though and Mr. Harrington decides he’ll take a shortcut. Of course, every horror fan knows exactly how this will go and as you’ve probably guessed, things turn deadly pretty quickly. It’s nothing new to the horror genre–though they do make an attempt at bringing some comedy into the situation (which falls horribly flat).

The characters are nothing special. You’ve got the good daughter, the rowdy teenage boy, the mom that relies on her prescription, and a father with a mean streak and obvious drinking problem. It’s stereotypical to a fault and because it is so predictable, there’s literally no excitement. There is a woman in white that reappears throughout the film, but not much is said on any of the legend variants regarding her.

To make matters worse, the movie, like the road in which Mr. Harrington took, just drags on for ages. I found myself tired of it around the 30 minute mark and was disappointed to learn that I still had about an hour left of the film. Nonetheless, I powered through it. I would not recommend this film to anyone.

It’s ending was nicely done, at least, and all the loose ends are tied up. I feel it was done in a bit of a cliche way, though. If you watch it, you’ll know what I mean.

Rating: 💀