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Welcome to Black Lake. Its placid waters compliment the pristine Maine wilderness it borders. This tranquil setting is probably the last place you’d expect a gruesome fatality. But then it’s also the last place you’d expect to find a 30-foot, narrow-snouted, multi-toothed, reptile of the species Crocodylus–an eating machine more commonly known as a crocodile. It is at this lake where an emotionally fragile, nature-phobic, New York paleontologist who’s been reluctantly dispatched for her first real field assignment, teams up with an eccentric billionaire to find this menace.

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It never fails to amaze me the kinds of things I was allowed to watch as a kid. While browsing Shudder earlier, I discovered that a childhood favorite was available for streaming: Lake Placid. I figured since it’s been more than a decade since I last watched it that I’d settle in with some popcorn and my kitties, only to discover that I probably shouldn’t have watched this movie is a child. After all, there’s entrails in the first ten minutes of the film!

Lake Placid is one of those films that probably helped set the standard for creature features. You’ve got a giant crocodile eating people and… well, something’s gotta be done. Cue a ragtag team of heroes to save the day, a little bit of romance, a hint of comedy, and you’ve got all the right ingredients for a classic–and in my book, Lake Placid is exactly that. Also, there’s Betty White. And she tells a cop to suck her dick, pretty much. You can’t really beat that.

© 20th Century Fox, 1999.

Anyways, there’s not really a lull in the movie which adds to the fact that I find it enjoyable. I get bored way too easily, where most movies would have downtime, they’ve slipped in some snark to make the in-between action seens bearable.

I don’t think there will ever be a time when I don’t want to watch Lake Placid. It’s stood my test of time, at least, and remains one of my favorite horror movies/creature features. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth at least one watch.

Rating: 💀💀💀💀