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Warning: Spoilers


When the passengers of a luxury yacht find themselves in troubled waters off the coast of Bermuda, they take refuge on a derelict ocean liner. Upon boarding the ship, the group find that the vessel has long since been abandoned and all clocks have stopped. Feeling an overwhelming sense of déjà vu, the passengers slowly realise that something hostile is waiting for them below deck. Will they escape or succumb to terror on the high seas? This psychological horror by Christopher Smith (CREEP, SEVERANCE) was described by Empire magazine as a “satisfying mind-twister, with an unexpectedly poignant pay-off”. Contains strong language, violence and gore.

Via Shudder TV


I have a serious weak spot for movies that deal with capsized/abandoned/derelict ships. In fact, Ghost Ship is one of my all time favorite horror movies. So when Triangle popped up on Shudder TV’s channel, I decided why not give it a watch and even now I’m still boggled by it. That’s not to say the plot is super confusing–there’s just very little to the film.

After their yacht capsizes in a rogue storm, a group of friends end up rescued by an abandoned ocean liner that shows up out of nowhere. No history is given of the ship, though the main character, Jess, appears to recognize it–deja vu, she claims. Aboard the vessel, the group encounters danger… and a horrid time loop. And that’s about it.

I didn’t want to have to give away spoilers in this, but the entire movie centers around the time loop in a way that makes it impossible to talk about otherwise. And while it’s kinda neat to put things together, there’s literally no progress to the film. It ends where it begins, and that’s it.

I probably wouldn’t recommend this film to someone unless I know they like time loops. I also probably won’t watch it again. Unless it’s for background noise. It’s really not that great. The same scenes are reused and there’s no variance in the plot.

Rating: 💀💀