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After an exorcism goes horribly wrong a team from a shadowy religious order must determine who among them the demon has possessed, or all their lives are forfeit.


Before I go in depth about my thoughts on Demon Protocol, I feel it is necessary to state that my issues with this film are not because it lacks funding, equipment, etc. I try not to be scathing when it comes to independent films, but it is important that I remain fair. That said, I still have certain expectations to be met, similar to when I review a self-published book. Failure to meet those expectations often results in a bad rating and this film… well, it has some issues.

There is absolutely no character death or development, but rather a lot of clichés–beginning with the stereotypical bad apple priest. I guess the term “shadowy religious order” should have clued us in to that, but this is the sort that comes out of nowhere. Seriously, his behavior takes a sudden shift and there’s absolutely no foreshadowing beforehand. I’d go into details about the other characters, but basically they’re just more cardboard cutouts of what you’d expect from the following: a witch, a nerd, a psychic, and a married couple.

Now the plot? That is riddled with inconsistencies and holes. This is the kind of error that should not be found in any film. There’s no back story to anything, save for a reference to the house’s history. Apparently it has several ghosts that, strangely enough, there’s no further mention of. And let’s not forget the strange language that’s spoken in which the witch and priest call to Abdul Alhazred–the writer of the Necronomicon in Lovecraft’s work. Additionally, there’s not a steady build up to the tension and action in this movie, but rather a sudden wham! bam! and now there’s guns. It escalates suddenly and in a manner that is largely nonsensical. AND THE DIALOGUE. HOLY FUCK GUYS. I’m going to just insert a tweet that sums up exactly what the dialogue in this film reminds me of.



Seriously, it’s that bad. But it’s not laughably and entertainingly bad like The Room is. I think it might have had a lot more potential if someone had reviewed the script thoroughly, because it feels like it was slapped together piece by piece instead of from an outline. I mean…. how do you forget to mention the rest of the haunting? Just no. Anyways, I don’t advise wasting your time UNLESS you love bad movies. If you do, then watch this one.

Rating: 💀