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A detective returns to her hometown seven years after her daughter’s disappearance, trying to find a connection to a current case.



If you’re looking for something in the flavor of Grimm and Supernatural, the Swedish drama Jordskott may be right up your alley. Despite being found on horror streaming service Shudder, the series doesn’t have a whole bunch of the horror elements. What it does have, for the first season at least, is a decent storyline.

The characters in Jordskott are rather bland, unfortunately and they are not its strong point. The main character, Eva Thörnblad is an heiress who returns home to where seven years ago, her daughter Josefine disappeared. Much of her role in the series involved losing cars (she went through three in the first season), disobeying orders, brazenly rushing into things, and deflecting an all too beautifully sweet love interest. (I adore Tom Aronsson as a character.) After she’s put on leave from her job in Stockholm dealing with hostage negotiation, she manages to get herself brought onto the Silverhöjd case.

Wass is, perhaps, the strongest of the characters we meet, and certainly does the most actively throughout the first season.

In this world, myth blends into fantasy, bringing several creatures from Scandinavian and Norwegian lore into the story. These creatures are surfacing more and more frequently as the forest, facing certain doom from the company that Eva’s father founded, reacts angrily to human actions. It’s really a reminder that we should consider the natural world around us for what it is: a boon to our lives.

I lost interest in the second season, as it seems to mostly be a rehash of the first, with a slightly altered storyline. Now it’s something big in Stockholm that’s upsetting natural order, versus Silverhöjd. This series is definitely worth a watch of at least the first season.

Rating: 💀💀💀💀